Guide to obtaining all Professional MBBS exam papers

  • There is an online exam paper database managed by NUS libraries.
  • You can access exam papers that date all the way back to the year of 1999/2000

Step 1: Go to this URL

Look for the Exam Papers tab:

Step 2: Click on "Exam Papers Database"


Step 3: Search for papers by either entering your module code or searching through School of Medicine.

  • Module codes
    • M1: MD1140 (current), MD1110 (older generations)
    • M2: MD2140 (current), MD2110 (older generations)
    • M3: MD3140 (current), MD3110 (older generations)
    • M4: MD4140 (current), MD4110 (older generations)
    • M5: MD5140 (current), MD5110 (older generations)


Step 4: Select and download!