Medacad Wiki was started in late 2010 by a bunch of seniors, led by Matthew Low (Class of 2013), who were passionate about improving seniors notes. The idea was to have a online platform for everyone to come together and collaborate on updating or expanding on the current series of notes for M3 postings. These pages are still available in the wiki, find them from the navigation bar on the left!

But unfortunately, it didn't take off.


And so in 2011, Liu Xuandao (Class of 2014) stepped up to the challenge and promoted the idea to his batch again. This time the focus was on overcoming the barrier to access; in other words, to make it easier for people to edit the articles.

But unfortunately, he didn't succeed.


In 2012, as the Acad Director, Xuandao rediscovered the wiki, and decided to transform it into a site to host resources that can't be placed anywhere else. These include the Residency Guidebook, the Hospital Guidebook, etc.